Ranthambore Canter Safari Booking

There is also Canter, which offers jungle safaris in Ranthambhore. Despite this, you can explore Ranthambhore National Park in this 20-seater canter. For group excursions, Canter Safari is the best choice. To avoid inconvenience, you should book a jungle safari well in advance if Ranthambhore is on your travel list.
A leopard or tiger can be seen near one of the three lakes in zones 3 or 4 of Ranthambhore in summer, but most sightings of these creatures depend on luck. Those who wish to explore Ranthambhore’s topography can enjoy a three-and-a-half-hour safari.

Safari Zones

There are about 10 Safari Zones for tourists inside the Ranthambhore National Park. These zones vary from each other. You can book your safari with us and select your favourite safari zone 90 days before the date of visit. The required zones are subject to availability after 90 days. You can travel in the same zones by choosing either canter or jeep safari. Both these safaris offer the same opportunity for wildlife viewing. All zones take you to different parts of the park and there is no bad zone.

Different zones are better on different days and this can be known only a day or two before. At the time of entry, a separate zone is given to each vehicle and it is prohibited to go away from their allotted zone. The vehicles can go anywhere in the areas of the zone, and you have the opportunity to view different wildlife attractions like Nilgai, Langur Monkey, Indian Gazelle, Spotted Deer, Sambhar Deer, Leopard, Sloth Bear and many birds. If you are very lucky then you may also spot the King of the Jungle – the Tiger.

Rules for Photo Equipments

  • There are no charges for a Still Camera.
  • Charges for DCam (Video camera and movie camera used by professional photographer for films in addition to feature films – filming by Indian agency/company), VCam (Video camera and movie camera used by professional photographer other than feature film – filming by foreign agency/company), Pam (Movies 8 mm, 16 mm and video camera used by a mature photographer), FCam (Movie and video camera used for feature film) as per Tourism/ Forest Department policy.

Special Note for Ranthambhore Jungle Safari

  • To enter the park, Identity proof is compulsorily required.
  • Park may be closed without any prior notice to visitors.
  • To book the safari you have to inform us well in advance at least 3 months before. Canters and Gypsys are booked in advance and visitors are advised to book their safaris, especially jeep safaris, well in advance.
  • Name and passport number are required for Foreign Tourist and name and ID details for Indian Visitor are required by us at least 60 days in advance with details of safari booking.
  • We also require the date, time and other details like the tour of safari which you would like to do like in the morning, afternoon or both.
  • You have to report for boarding Gypsy / Canter before 15 minutes of the scheduled time for a safari.
  • To confirm safari we need advance payment which is non-refundable, also it is not so to get Jeeps in Ranthambhore as only 14 Jeeps are permitted to go inside the park, only 6 people sit at a time in one jeep, and the remaining guests go in the canters, which are open safari buses of 20 seaters.
  • Reserved seats can not be resold or changed with any other visitor.
  • No refund/cancellation is allowed once you confirm the booking.
  • Any changes in policies will be informed to you and will be valid for all future bookings.

Safari Booking

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